100K SPORTS POWER Staked! Next Stop 250K.

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Initially I have 50K SPORTS power but a few days ago I decided to power up and reach 100K. I know it's not much there are many people now who have several hundreds of thousands, even millions, but for a tiny fish like me it's already an accomplishment. LOL. Rewards are getting smaller everyday because more people are powering up and price of SPORTS is not as much as it is because of the increase in supply. Somehow, it is still surprising that it manages to stay at around 0.002 Steem/SPORTS even the rewards shrunk from 10-12 times when it was priced between 0.006-0.008 Steem/SPORTS.

My new goal is to reach 250K. I do not want to set a date but let's try if I can do it in 3 months, that's around 50K SPORTS powered up per month. The ultimate goal is to have 1 Million SPORTS Power. This is very hard but not really impossible. I'll try my best to post more non 'spammy' articles everyday. I should have done it in these past few days but there are some problems with my gut so I have to rest and leave the computer and phone for a moment. I'll also try to engage more and to spread my vote to those who are deserving. As long as it's not a one-liner and have some personal insight I'll be more than happy to upvote a post. I think SPORTS has really the potential, out of all the tribes I think this one has a great future because almost all people in the world experience playing a sport. We just have to capitalize this strength to on board more sports lovers from outside and avoid spammy articles, comments and other types of abuse that might harm the platform. Of course, that can also be very subjective but as long we know to differentiate the good from the bad that's already an excellent start. Everything is still uncertain right now (it's crypto duh!?) but I think it's worth to gamble for long term stability. I hope SPORTS will last till the end. LOL! XD


Congrats. Quite an achievements

thank you!

Congrats for you. More.... more... more...

Thanks! I'll be there at 1 M just you guys wait. XD

Sports token looks to be your best shot for reaching a million tokens. Good luck to you my friend.

Thank you! SPORTS is relatively cheap compared to most tokens in Steem engine.
There was a time when we can get 1M Sports for only 1800 Steem.
Anyway, I don't have much Steem so it'll take some time.
Thanks again for the response! :D

Sports token is the one I've decided to concentrate on. The more you have the faster it accumulates. So you may surprise yourself on how fast you get there.

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Great news! Congrats!

thanks man!

Great result, and your plan is sensational - 1M! - good luck!

It will take some time but let us see. Haha!
Thanks for dropping by :D

Good Decision! i am also trying to stake upto 300K

Oh that's really fantastic you hit the milestone now time to hit the next big one :D many congratulations

I think SPORTS has really the potential, out of all the tribes I think this one has a great future because almost all people in the world experience playing a sport.

I feel that same thing about SportsTalkSocial. No matter which part of the world we live, we have the same feelings and emotions when it comes to sports. It connects us all together.

Congratulations, @lordkingpotato!
Wish you all the best!