Some of the Weirdest Sports in the World (Part II)

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A few days ago we discussed some of the weirdest sports in the world. From sepak takraw which is a foot volleyball game form South East Asia to a common leisure like stone skipping. We have learnt that there are such sports that are currently existing. We also learnt sports that even at opposite ends of the spectrum can create a hybrid, in our previous discussion we've seen chess boxing. But like we promised we will continue because you know, weird is interesting. Today we will tackle even weirder kinds of sporting activities and most of them might fall on 'weird novelty' if we're talking about weirdness.

Wife Carrying

Now, that certainly is weird. Wife carrying (a.k.a Eukonkanto) originated from Sonkajärvi, Finland. There was this robber in the 1800's by the name of Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen who looted from neighboring villages. But well, aside from looting food and supplies Rosvo-Ronkainen and his gang of thieves were accused of even stealing other men's wives. Time passed and it evolved into a sport where, thankfully, men carry their own wives.

An Estonian couple participating, by WikedKentaur, CC Attribution 2.0

Finns are not only known for wife carrying as a sport. They have a wide range of bizarre activities and festivities that will leave you speechless. Some of these are the world cellphone throwing championships (Nokia's are very durable I wonder how long does it take), air guitar championships and even mosquito swatting championships!

Although wife carrying seems to be a joke in most people's eyes, do you know that it's adapted in some parts of the world?The United States, UK, Australia and even Hongkong are now having wife carrying contests. I wonder will there be something like mother carrying champions or maybe mother in law carrying championships in the future? LOL. Just kidding, let's hope not that'll be more ridiculous than carrying your wife. :D

Cheese Rolling

They say that farm life is boring and living in the province will be difficult for people who used to have a dynamic lifestyle, especially those that grow in urban communities. A part of myself agree with that but the other part does not. It was in this boring times that some of the most creative ideas are born. I mean, Newton was watching this apple and it fell and that is boring event, but it turned out to be that what he observed is one of the most fundamental aspects of our physical world: gravity.

Not really related to Newton but there certainly is gravity involve

Cheese Rolling is a special event held at Cooper's Hill, near Gloucester England. A 3-4 kilogram of round Gloucester cheese was used as a tradition but was later on replaced by lighter foam replica. Accidents often happened in the event and the downward momentum created by the rolling cheese on the steep can create a significant force, more than enough to knock the bystanders watching in the sidelines. This is mainly the reason why the switch to the lighter and safer foam replica.

The competitors are aiming to catch the cheese; however, it has around a one-second head start and can reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour (110 kilometres per hour). source

The cheese was not the only source of mishaps, the terrain itself accounts for most of the accidents. The face of the hill is long, steep and uneven. Runners tumbling down and hurting themselves is a common occurrence. But against all of the these dangers the event's popularity didn't become limited to England, even people from other countries visited to watch and even join the sport. It was also mentioned and/or featured in some popular shows like ER and Gilmore Girls.

Extreme Ironing

extermeironingrivelin (1).jpg
Just an ordinary day ironing clothes while standing on a large rock, by Moez, CC Attribution 3.0

If you read part 1, I believe you would agree if I say that stone skipping as a sport might have the humblest origin as it only needs some stone and a still body of water like a lake, but I guess based on origins it find it's competition now. Ironing is also very common but would you believe that it can also be a sport? That's true if you take it to the EXTREME. The marriage of a common household activity and the word extreme will certainly blow your mind.

Extreme ironing is an outdoor sport that combines the danger and excitement of an ‘extreme’ sport with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.source

Dude, better not tell your mom

Thanks to John Slater and his peculiarity during camping trips that his brother in law, Tony Hiam, got triggered to create the sport. Tony observed him ironing his clothes even in camping tents and it occured to him to demonstrate the futility of such an act in public. He ironed on mountains, on telephone booths and other common places. If you ever witness such act, what would think? Yes, I agree. It's weird and the guy is even weirder.

Phil Shaw popularized extreme ironing as a sport. His encounter with German tourists in New Zealand led them to form the group Extreme Ironing International and the rest is history. Everest base camp, Mount Rushmore, the Devil's Tower you name a popular landmark and chances are they were there.


We've learnt today that there is history even behind the weirdest of ports. They are different but seems very interesting to witness. The list is getting wackier but we're still not through. Prepare as we still have part 3. But seriously, if given a chance what of the three above will you join? I can't do wife carrying as I'm single neither the cheese rolling as I'm far from England. Extreme ironing seems to be the most possible for me, maybe I'll do it above our roof and watch the neighbors reaction. Haha! Just kidding. [Preparing iron and the board]. Anyways, thanks for reading and see you in part 3.

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