Dortmund's hard win restores hope

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Borussia Dortmund, who won their first match in the Bundesliga with a 3-3 draw at home to Paderborn (3-3) on Friday, have been spared the loss.

Paderborn put in three consecutive goals, scored by Strelley Mamba (two goals), and Gerrit Holtman, in the 5, 37 and 43 minutes.

But Dortmund came back with a similar hat-trick, by Jadon Sancho, Axel Witzel and Marco Royce, in the 47th, 84th and 92nd minutes.

With this result, Dortmund settled in fifth place, with 20 points, while Paderborn continued at the bottom of the table, with 5 points.

The start came as a surprise, after Paderborn's early lead, after just five minutes, thanks to the start of Kay Brugger, who dribbled Nico Schultz and sent a cross, met with Strelley Mamba with one touch inside the net.

Dortmund waited until the 16th minute to threaten their visitors, with a shot from Rafael Guerrero, but they missed the goal.

By the 37th minute, Dortmund was surprised by a new goal from Mamba, who took a pass from the middle of the stadium, leading goalkeeper Roman Bourke before firing a creeping ball into the net.

Dortmund could hardly wake up to the shock of the second goal, until Geret Holtman managed to deepen the wounds of the hosts with a third goal, after penetrating the ball to the penalty area, to hit hard between the feet of Burke.

Luciano Favre, the Swiss coach of Dortmund, was hit by the injury of Spanish striker Paco Alcacer at the end of the first half, replacing Julian Brandt instead.

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