How Zidane inspired Real Madrid players recently

in sportstalk •  4 months ago 

Real Madrid won a difficult (2-1) victory over Deportivo Alaves, on Saturday evening, in the stronghold of the latter, for the 15th round of La Liga.

He scored goals for Real Madrid, Ramos in the 52nd minute and Carvajal in the 69th minute, while Deportivo Alaves Lucas Perez scored from the penalty spot in the 65th minute.

With this victory, Real Madrid jump to the top of the league temporarily with 31 points, while freezing Deportivo Alaves at 18 points, in the thirteenth place.

The match began with attempts by the hosts, where Alex Vidal fell in the Real Madrid penalty area, demanded a penalty, and the referee resorted to video technology, which proved invalid in the 7th minute.

In the 18th minute, Isco passed his team-mate Danny Carvajal from the right front, a ball in the penalty area, but the Spanish playmaker strongly hit the goal of Pacheco, goalkeeper Deportivo Alaves, which made the coach Zinedine Zidane appearing excited.

Isco continued his shot, sending a powerful ball in the 30th minute, but as usual the brilliant keeper in the response, and the same scenario was repeated with Brazilian Casimiro in the 37th minute.

Despite control and possession of the ball, but failed to penetrate from the rear, in front of the defensive rigidity and agglomeration Alaves players.

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