Madrid Will Face Paris in Never Giveup Match

in sportstalk •  4 months ago 

Madrid are poised for a fiery clash between Real and Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday evening as part of the fifth round of the Champions League group stage at the Bernabeu.

The match will be revenge for Zinedine Zidane and his men, after losing in the first leg in the "Princes' Garden" three clean, and the real test of this special period experienced by Real Madrid, either prove that he has already returned to the right path and able to face the adults, or will return to zero one more time.

Thorny decisions

Zidane often relies on a 4-3-3 approach, and on the offensive level, Karim Benzema and Hazard are untouched, so the player's decision on the right side is in doubt for the French coach.

Zizo, who confirmed after the international break that he will rely on Bell as long as he is in good technical and physical condition, has already pushed him as a substitute against Real Sociedad and did well.

But Bell's crisis with the masses could be a hindrance to Zidane's decision, so that he is not distracted, so he could leave him on the bench and rely on young Brazilian Rodrigo.

Also doubt is the left-back, where Zidane now has duo Marcelo and Fairland Mende, both of whom are in good shape, and will choose between them based on his goal of the game.

The Brazilian represents a great offensive force, but modest on the defensive level, unlike the Frenchman, who performs his defensive roles strongly, but so far is not distinctive offensive.

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