Braeburn's Premier League - Week 14 - Promise

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A post a week on the Premier League, that was the promise, more to myself than anyone else but hey-ho. So here so I am on Sunday, nearly half twelve, sitting in a rail replacement bus service from Havant to Barnham where my connecting train to Brighton awaits. Saturday has happened and Sunday is warming up, nearly ready to bust out of it’s blocks.

View from the bus, a contractual obligation post.

Yesterday saw Southampton win at home for the first time since April. Will a season that promised so much finally deliver? One win is all it takes and suddenly the optimism of pre-season has returned. Perhaps Ralph really is the man for the job? Maybe the season will not become the disaster it was shaping up to be?

At Spurs José Mourinho is shaping up to be exactly what we all thought he would not. Three games, ten goals scored, six conceded. Mourinho has become a byword for dour defensive football in recent years, over five goals per game is not what was promised.

Manchester City’s financial megalith promised to dominate English football for a decade and yet the wheels have come off. Pep Guardiola’s quest for perfection is stuttering badly and they now languish eleven points behind Liverpool. Is the much hyped title race already over for another season?

And today four games bring the promise of more answers to more questions. Was Unai Emery really the problem at Arsenal? Can Leicester really cement a position in the top four? Are Sheffield United good enough to stay in the top six?

I know it’s not really good enough, I’ll try to do better.


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