Fight to finish

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liverpool and Manchester city would be looking to battle it out tomorrow at Wembley for the community shield before the start of a new season.

The two clubs however, had a wonderful season in the 2018/19 season where Manchester city won the premier league, carabao cup and Fa cup.
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Whereas their opponent claim the champions league in an all English final against Tottenham making them champions of Europe and however, they finish second in the league behind champions Manchester city.
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The two clubs played each other last season, where they both played goalless in the first half of last season and in the second half of the season Manchester city came victorious winning the game 2-1 thanks to goals from Sergio Aguero and Leroy sane though firmino goal for Liverpool wasn't enough to stop Manchester city.
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No doubt, it would be another tough encounter between the two clubs and the managers as well and would be a very interesting game to watch as well as both teams look to claim the community shield come Sunday.

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