The love and passion for football

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Have you ever experience the attitude of been happy or sad whenever a team win or loses especially if you are are die hard fan of a particular team.
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Have you ever had the experience of the impossible becoming possible in a match especially if it was your team that did the impossible coming back from the dead to win a match with tears of joy dripping down from your eyes .

All these can be experienced when one throughly have passion for the game of football without missing any part of it.
The love of football has gone viral ,nothing can make you happier especially when the team your supporting is winning this can throughly make your day with such performance from your team.

The Beauty part of it too is that such passionate fans due have supporters not only among crowd and friends but also in families too. Whereas a father can be supporting a particular team and the son also would be supporting the opponent each person is showing is own passion for his team.
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This also happens in relationship as well whereas a match would be going on and both husband and wife would prefer supporting a different team from the other just to show passion for the team at the moment isn't this lovely.

This is not just been a fan but be a passionate football fan that requires living the inexperience. It’s not just about being a spectator but to be a participant. Not only will you want to attend every game, but you need to engage emotionally in the team.

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