NBA Cancels All Games Until Further Notice


I kept two of the three kids home from school today.

They will go back friday for a "short day" and then I will think over the weekend about what to do about next week.

The week after is Spring Break, a two week vacation, and I wish it was on Monday already.

My husband is also coming to visit from San Francisco over break and I must admit it makes me weary. At least he's driving and not flying.

Flights are on sale. Universities are closing. Supplies are running out. Frozen food is more scarce. Gas Prices are down (which seems like a GREAT thing, until you realize it just means more jobs are lost here in the states.)

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I think I may be exaggerating, but then stuff like the National BasketBall Association Fiasco Happens

The NBA has postponed all games until further notice. This means further dismay to our economy and a possible massive spread of the virus via just one player.

One player was detected with the Corona Virus, and now all 30 teams are to quarantine themselves (or so I hope, based on the charts I saw of how closely knit that community is).

I keep thinking that its not so bad, but... if 60% of people are going to catch this virus, and 3% of them are going to die, than it seems like a very big deal.

Especially when I have elders in my family. Parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, all over 60.

I keep joking about being a grandma to the child in my womb

Because I am an "older mom" being 38 and having to receive extra (unnecessary) care, but really, I am not ready to be the elder in my family. I like being a part of a four-generation tribe. I look forward to my grandparents living a looooong time and having us be a 5-generation tribe.

Will this virus take that opportunity from us?

Hopefully not. Hopefully it is just election year chaos. Hopefully it is just fear mongering and social control. Hopefully I am exaggerating. Hopefully my usually tough skin for this type of drama is sensitive because I have a baby on the way.

Either way, I am not looking forward to giving birth during an outbreak.

That would really really suck.

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