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What a great post here, but it might sound offensive to me Maybe it's because of environment I am from.. that's why we all have an opinion to decide how to contribute to a post. That's why it's a decentralised network
I find this comment very acceptable by me that's why I can decide to reward it the way I want to. You won't judge me wrong because I think my comments deserve more.. Do you think I am reducing the value of the platform ? Because I don't know when last I sold my coins as I still buying more.. stay safe man.. I love you.


Ok @michealcj since you won't listen to reasoning and detest from this greedy act of yours, i will leave you to the hands of @sportsmod and @sportstalksocial to do justice to this your act of greed and raping of the reward pool. Stop excessive comment voting, you won't listen. And you doing so, with the help of your alt accounts, you do know that its a decentralized system and as such all your transactions can be traced.

my love But you upvote your comments too..You don't have the right to say we are upvoting at higher rate.
I feel my comments are valuable.
That was why the trail ends up at 100%.
And that's why we all have voting power and weight to avoid abuse.
If you think your post needs as better reward from me, kindly ask politely not insulting me on a public group chat.

If you can not make your opinion in a better manner then let's forget this conversation.

If you have a way we can contribute positively to the community then Send me a DM because you have my contact number. One Love

I would never ask you for an upvote, and my complaints are due to the fact that those trails are accounts that belongs to you. The problem here is excessive comment voting. Take note of the word excessive

Hey, Assume you asked me to vote and i refused, then it will be fair to embarrass yourself publicly.

Excessive on this platform means 101% which does not exist. You Do do not have the right to tell anyone how to make use of their vote. I repeat. This is a decentralized platform and we investors come in here...

If i burn my token is not of your business, If I sell high or low price is not your business. I believe you are educated enough to understand that everyone has the right to help support themselves. You are infringing on my decentralized rights..

Is this all you can do to make the platform grow? Why can't you go host a #promo-sportstalk in your local environment? Do you not have people you can on-board to the blockchain ?
Stop acting like a good actor trying to gain favor from the founder of the platform.

If anyone feels cheated on how I reward post, you ask for a higher bid and not giving hate speech on a general group. Don't be a hypocrite.

Above all, I can reward any post or comment I feel it's worth it. It doesn't matter who and where the words are been publish on.
No be your papa build the blockchain.
Na only you find trouble when dey on e own ooh. Heaven is my weakness

There are no ends to what you will say to defend your actions. So excessive to you means 101% i really wonder what school of thought you belong to. And you talk of infringement of rights? Do you even understand what the word infringement means? You came to make a comment on my post and you feel i don't have a right to talk about it if what that your comment doesn't pleases me. You are the newest example of low.

And as about not organizing a event to promote #sportstalk, what do you know.

Also, you should ask around, i dont ask for favours, so sorry if i don't come to ask you for any. Its not my nature. I don't also look for cheap popularity as well.

Plus, you are free to do whatever you want, just stay the fuck away from my blog, if you don't i will still come after you like i did. No apologies.

Then before you reply, make sure your use of english is top notch, don't come and be saying stupid things like heaven is your weakness

Yes, weakness witness, I hope you understood my clear message?

Is that all you got ? Are your people done flagging?

You no see anybody matter carry for head you say na @michaelcj you wan touch e tail ?

As i said, you won't and can not determine how I reward any comment or post as far as i as the max is 100%
Abi u borrow me money buy the coins ? are you feeding me or subscribing my hard earn expensive date ? are you in this country at all or are you motivated by your steem godmother or father?

I find this comment very valuable and will vote it because your insult on a public group chat can not stop change me from being a good or a bad actor.

I will not use harsh words on you honey, and take not that i have screenshot all the chats on whatsapp and on the blockchain

You Nigerian went to call a foreigner to flag me. Just watch how time will tell on everything

At this point typing this message, Just know i don't care how anybody feels about me. I am not a hypocrite and will not justify how valuable I see my comment on the post. Go and check many other posts to see noting less than 40 words in a post instead of looking for the person that tied your progress in your village..

Think about it

And when you talk about meetup or offline project. I dare you to do some before the end of the month. if not just count yourself as an opportunist and you are only crying because you think someone is cheating on you.. lol