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Good day, sorry I had to send this to you, its a means of getting across to you. I need to make a report about a certain account, but then I don't know how to reach you, except through this. The account name is michealcj he is excessively voting his comments with an alt account. And after approaching him on his methods, he still won't burge as he doesn't wish to stop. You should check out his account to confirm this. "

This was the memo you sent to sportsmod so I can get flagged

Clap for yourself because you are a good actor and will eventually save the world..

Take anything you see
I will have to feed you with the same spoon you fed me.

NOTE: This user never told me politely, He only went to a public group chat to humiliate me by calling me so many unpleasant names.

Everyone has a screenshot and i can upload them for further justification.

I still stick to been one has the right to tell me how to contribute to a decentralized system, If you do, then DM me with love and not send a public hate message.

@daniel-otaniel were your craze stop na another point my craze begins.
I won't rest till you apologize for insulting me publicly and also infringing on my decentralized freedom


Apologize to you? For pointing out your greedy ass? What a joke! You really want an apology? Sorry sweetheart, you won't be getting that from me. Just so you know, i will report you to the appropraite persons a thousand times, if that's what it requires for you to get in line.

You also talked about coming to you DM, Nah I won't do that, and it should interest others to know that i'm not the only one complaining, others have complained about your greedy ass in different public groups, you just won't listen. @sportsmod should get to you sooner, as you are not good for this community and people like you should be shown the door.

And for the umpteen time, when you decided to make a comment on my blog, it became my right to justify what you say on the post. Why are you tying so hard to justify your greed man, you won't do this things on the steemit front end, why take advantage of the tribes. It is ehat it is, you are simply exploiting the tribe and raping the rewards. Fuck whatever investment you think you made. There are other ways to make your money back, don't make cheap comments on peoples blog and then upvote it to whatever you want. Make your own post, upvote it to the ends of the earth with all the accounts that you have at your disposal.

And as far as meet up goes, i just finished one in Ekiti, and we would be at a place near you, in no distant time. The hack is coming baby.

You are just a child trying to make name. you make no sense for saying people are complaining about how i reward my post. I will not chat you here again. Just know that i will feed you with the way you have fed me

Oversabi wen no wan mind e business. No worries body go soon tell you now

Unlike you, i won't be affected by your downvotes, in due time, everyone will come to see you for who you are, you greedy ass nitwit. I can bring screenshots of those that have complained about your greed. And downvoting my comments won't hide them from everyone. You punk ass is just scared of me revealing truths. Worry not, i will do more than this, your punk greedy ass will have no option than to apologize for your show of shame. Bring out your screenshots, i dare you to. Let's see you try to make a point.

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