LOL's Derby EL Clasico DP VS İW

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Hi guys

LOL Turkey's played El clasico. DP Gaming, which was superior in team compositions, led the match well and ended the game with an overwhelming victory.

Istanbul Wildcats showed a very bad team game. Even though the first two dragons took the IW, Kirp at the beginning of the match brought the team forward with the raid on the lower corridor.



in the first minutes between Sett and Graves, Graves should have been a little superior, while Graves did not raid any corridors. In the upper corridor, we saw Aatrox's superiority over Ornn.

Graves never tried to raid the game and the result was bad, on the other hand, because Karma-Aphelios took the lead, she absorbed the opponent very well and won the game.

This article was the first English spelling so it was short. Thanks

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