One clear reason why sports talk is better?

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The possibility to create content and be rewarded almost instantly without funnels, landing pages, Fb ads, Instagram ads or Adwords was very attractive when Steemit first started and it's something that Sportstalksocial inherited thanks to the Steem engine, all the content creators and curators that are building and enjoying this great tribe.

Beyond inherited goods, Sportstalksocial is proving to become the best place to talk about your favorite sports and news.

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Change must come

I was reading about Megan Rapinoe who won the women's player award at the Best Fifa Football Awards that were held in Milan. I am interested in her story since she was crucial for her team in the Women's World Cup, scoring 6 times and also being a leader in the fight for equality in sports everywhere she goes.

I was ready to enjoy a video about her but due to my location, I was blocked and couldn't enjoy the content. I do know there are several ways to work around that but my point is that here, on Sportstalk you can enjoy all the content you want.

SportsTalk: No Discrimination

It doesn't matter if you are in Venezuela, Poland or France, you can read Sportstalk news wherever you are and whenever you want.

I've personally enjoyed post about Soccer, Tennis, MMA, NBA, MLB, UEFA, NFL, Boxing, FreeStyle, Cliff diving, and even trendy sports clothing and sneaker culture, many topics and many different content creators, a very alive community with guidelines, an abuse fighting community making the tribe a neat place, fair for everyone and something I like a lot, the tribe creator is present, you can see him joining even random community discord channels to discuss topics that are created by the community, he didn't pump and dump the tribe's coin and keeps pushing forward.

I consider if we continue working hard to build the best possible place for sports, we can achieve it, soon or later it will spread, grow and prosper.

What are your favorite aspects of SportsTalk?

Thanks for reading.

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I consider if we continue working hard to build the best possible place for sports, we can achieve it, soon or later it will spread, grow and prosper.

I completely agree with you. Everyone is good at something. You can focus on that and help SportsTalkSocial grow. I usually focus on creating content about martial arts and self defense. And hope some people will find it useful and take action to learn more so that they can use it for self defense.

Thanks for commenting (I mean it).

What can I say my friend, we can take your example, you are one of the most disciplined content creators in Sportstalk, and if someone else is reading this, just go and check @rezoanulvibes blog and you will see relentless daily fresh content.

So many good things are happening in the platform, and as long as the price stays around the same or even grows, the guidelines keep being pushed forward and the good vibe of honest hard work is in the air, we are building something here.