AFL Grand-final tipping - 5000 SPORTS for the winner

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Tomorrow in Australia, it will be one of the biggest days on the annual sporting calendar when the AFL grand final will be held. Each year, over 90,000 fans are expected to converge on the Melbourne Cricket Ground to witness the event. It's a bit like the Australian version of the Super Bowl, especially in Victoria, the home of Aussie Rules Football. And to celebrate, we now even have a public holiday in some parts of Australia on the day before the grand-final.

This year the two teams that will be playing off in the grand final will be the Richmond Tigers, who were the premiers in 2017, and the GWS Giants, who are first time grand-finalists. To celebrate the AFL grand-final, I will be rewarding 5000 SPORTS to the person who tips the winner and guesses the closest winning margin.

How to enter

To enter in the draw, you will need to:

  1. upvote who you think will win the grand-final. I will have the names of the two teams in the comments below, and you can only upvote one of the teams.
  2. Make a reply to my comment with the team you upvoted with what you think the winning margin will be.

I will reward the person with the closest guess with 5000 SPORTS. Only one guess per account.

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Richmond Tigers

32 pts


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GWS Giants

I was hoping GWS would win, then I stopped hoping they'd win, and started hoping they'd lose by 120 pts.
They let me down on both fronts.

lol. I was hoping that they would win, then I was hoping that they would at least be competitive, and then I just stopped watching.

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