Announcing the winner of the 5000 SPORTS AFL grand final giveaway - and congrats to the Richmond Tigers on being 2019 AFL premiers!

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To celebrate the Aussie Rules Football, AFL grand-final, I hosted a tipping comp for the closest guess to the winning margin. Congrats to @michealb for guessing the correct winner and the nearest margin!

Congratulations to the Richmond Tigers for winning the 2019 AFL Premiership

In the end it was a huge blow out, with the GWS Giants being outplayed for most of the match. After quarter time, it was a one way streak, with the Richmond Tigers winning by 89 points.

This is now the Tiger's second premiership in 3 years. And if their performance throughout the second half of the season is anything to go by, then they will be a team hard to beat in coming seasons.

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ha thanks, hope you get my name spelt right when sending gifts :)

Just sent it. Hope you got it. And congrats again!
Haha, yeah always have to check twice before typing your name.

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not yet, im patient. hope you didn't spell it the same as you wrote it in your post :)

Urgh, you’re right, I reminded myself to spell your name right, but still got it wrong. You should have it now. And congrats to @michaelb whoever he is, on receiving 5000 SPORTS too. :)

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got them. the other dude has received a heap of stuff on my behalf haha

lol. Lucky guy. :)

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