Ben Simmons just hit his first three!

in #sportstalklast year

Yes, you read right, Ben simmons just hit his first three! Well, it was probably not his first three ever, but the first in his professional career since he joined the NBA. If you're a fan of the NBA, and know anything about Philadelphia's Ben Simmons, you know that he is an incredible player, but can't shoot. Simmons can do just about anything on the basketball court, skillful in all aspects, athletic and powerful, but the one thing that has been lacking throughout his brief career has been the ability to shoot.

To illustrate this, Simmons has just taken 18 3-point attempts in his 182 NBA game career so far, and has missed them all. But in a pre-season game against the Guangzhou Long-lions, he lit up the twitter feeds with his first 3-pointer in the big leagues.

Admittedly, the 76ers were up by 79-41 in a game with little significance, against a side that doesn't pose a lot of threat for a top NBA side. But for someone like Simmons, this was huge!

In the play-offs last season, the 76ers were so close to beating the eventual champions Toronto Raptors, and if Ben Simmons learnt how to shoot, then the result may have been very different. So when reports about Simmons really getting his foot down in the off-season to practice his shooting surfaced, fans all over the globe have eagerly anticipated whether any improvements would really be made.

So when Simmons hit his first three, it had gotten NBA fans, especially 76ers fans and Aussie fans all excited about potentially seeing this new Simmons. Well, let's see if this is a once off, or if he can carry this into the start of the NBA season.

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