SportsTalk.Social killing it lately - lessons for Steemit

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A couple of days ago I wrote a post that outlined some Steem-engine tokens I like to trade and invest in. Today I would like to focus on the SPORTS token.

I have been following the SportsTalk.Social project closely from when it first launched, and it has been one of my favorite tribes, the only one I'm heavily invested in. Since its launch, the community has been growing rapidly, and the founder @patrickulrich has been very active in building new features into this tribe.

Since the launch of SportsTalk.Social, the price of the SPORTS token has fluctuated wildly, and recently it had risen from 0.0003 Steem to touching 0.002 Steem today. At first I thought this may have just been the market correcting and traders getting on. But announcements over the past couple of days have uncovered a much more bullish case for SPORTS, with its fundamentals strengthening significantly. I've always been a big fan of SportsTalk,Social, but at times have expressed my concern about the large supply of SPORTS. But the announcements over the past two days have given me a lot more confidence in the economics of the token.

Introducing ads on SportsTalk.Social and using BAT to purchase SPORTS

First of all, SportsTalk.Social has just rolled out ads on their tribe, for both SportsTube and SportsTalk.Social. 85% of the ad revenue will then be used to purchase SPORTS from the market and then sent to @null to be burned. Then the other big announcement is that both SportsTalk.Social and SportsTube have recently been accepted as a Basic Attention Token (BAT) verified content creator. This allows both websites to be rewarded with BAT for users accessing the tribe through the Brave browser. The BAT that is received will also be used to purchase SPORTS from the market wihich will also be burnt. On top of all this, SportsTalk.Social has just entered into the top 25 in the State of the Dapps rankings. This shows that SportsTalk.Social is getting significant traction and usage. And the market has responded very positively to all this news.

What if Steemit learned from SportsTalk.Social?

If SportsTalk.Social and Steemleo can both get verified with the BAT content creator program, then why doesn't Steemit follow suit and get Steemit verified? Even better, what if the BAT received could be used to purchase Steem on the market and burnt? Similarly, what if part of the revenue from ads on Steemit could be used to purchase Steem from the market in the future as well. Imagine, what this would do for the sentiment around Steem.

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Sports as a niche is a universal and broadest niches with more than 4 billion fans around the globe in different sporting areas . This makes sportstalk social the most viable tribes on the steem blockchain . Sportstalk social has a long-term potentials for growth, the future is very bright for sportstalk social

Yes, I agree. It’s one of my favorite tribes.

Even if they (Steemit) could use BAT as a suplementary income so they don't have to resume selling STEEM, that would be a win.

I totally agree. I don’t understand why they haven’t tried to get verified as a BAT content creator yet.

If at this point someone is still taking Sportstalk for granted then I wonder if they can ever take advantage of any situation

We came here early, invested our money time and effort and I have the assurance that we will lambo soon

Haha hope so.

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Always such a great idea brother,using those BAT token to invest on sport was a nice idea..

I don't know much how to earn bat on brave if i can had that BAT also i am 100% invest it in any of steem-engine to my future steem account..

well done bro, Go Bless!

Thanks brother. I think if you start using the Brave Browser, you can allocate BAT to verified content creators.

I have brave account and i link my twitter and youtube accout but i am not active on youtube because i am focusing steem all the way.

The way SportsTalkSocial is moving forward, that's impressive! People feel that this is going to be one of the top tribes that not only attracts steemians but only people who are not on Steem blockchain yet.

I certainly hope it starts attracting more sports fans from outside of Steem. It’s got a lot of potential.

Cool, didn't know about BAT. Maybe I should look into the Brave browser.

Yeah, the Brave browser is pretty cool; fast and privacy focused.