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Fantasy Premier League


Summer is pushing on and talk turns back to the football and setting up our epic fantasy teams. It's something I have been doing for years and we have multiple leagues between all of my friends. Unfortunatly I don't tend to stick with it and normally let my team drift away after the first couple of months. You really need to keep on top of it if you want to win and there are some big prizes if you're in the right leagues.

Use your budget of £100m to pick a squad of 15 players from the Premier League.

So this year will be different. This year we're playing for crypto. @blanchy is running a league for 500 SBI.

I think that @acidyo runs a league as well even if I didn't join it before but hopefully this time around. I'll be watching out for it.

My team


  • Keepers

I went with two solid keepers that are capable of scoring higher than usual. Probably have Ederson as my starter most of the time as the United defense is terrible but DeGea is good for the bench.

  • Defence

Two Irish backs in Coleman and Duffy but since we can't attack we make good defenders and cheap to buy. Walker and Anderwield play most minutes and Trent is an attacking back. I would have bought Tierney but he hasn't made it to England yet. Maybe soon.

  • Midfieldsers

Took a risk on Pogba even if he might be gone soon. Cheap price for a good player. Erikson is top quality and De Bruyne is one of the best. Rice and Grealish are cheap but have great potential and should play a lot.

  • Attackers

I'm taking Rashford as my top striker. Brave but I can see him leading the united line all season and should score a lot of goals. He has improved every year and will get the minutes now. Jota is tidy and Wolves look good this year. Deulofeu is solid enough too.


I think my team is nicely balanced with some good quality throughout. They are mostly starters as there is nothing worse than losing points from not having enough players on the pitch. You can give your thoughts below and join in the fun as well. There are lots of leagues to join and prizes to be won.



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this will be really fun to play thanks for sharing that

Hope we see you in the league.

Still reckon Eriksen is going to be in the Premier League come the start of the season?

Forward line looks decent and plenty of options at the back

Hard to tell really. I don't think they can sell him for any price. I know he would do well in any club as a class act but we will see. Pogba is the same for me. There will be changes before we start.

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I don't know how you did it, but you put up a strong team, with Kane you would have already won,,, Pogba is a big risk, I see it already in Madrid

I love Kane if he stays fit for the season but he has been suffering a lot lately. Otherwise he will be up near top scorer for the season. I might change it yet before we start.

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Pumped to see another FPL enthusiast here. We need more content on Steemit about FPL. I will try to post at least once a week with some hopefully insightful posts this season.

I have just posted my initial squad here. Do have a look. Would love some feedback.

A detailed post with some analysis will be up over the weekend :)

Perfect. We should get a nice group going for blanchy's league and we can set up a forum or something to keep on top of everything. I'll just try to keep on top of my team as my biggest thing is fading away after xmas when there are so many other things happening.