Fitness: 19th September 2020 + A Did You Know Question

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Good Morning

Today I got up early for a morning outing with a couple of friends and had some tea outside. Eating out is strictly a risky thing to do but what the heck. Anyway, it was fun, and I got on to exercising once I returned. My daughter has gained her own momentum. Earlier it was me asking her to wake up, but now she wakes up on her own. Besides, yesterday and today she did 200 crunches, and she is only ten years old. How cool is that?

Anyway, so what did I do? Well, much less than her but good enough for me. Let’s see what I did.


I was focused on my chest and back today. I followed my quadruplet form of exercise, and this is how it was:

  1. 1-set of pushups
  2. 1-set of weights for chest
  3. 1-set of weights for back
  4. 1-set of resistance band for shoulder and back

I did a total of three quadruplets as I had to jump on to some other work through the day. It was quite a satisfying experience. So, that’s it from me for today. I will see you all tomorrow.


Also, I wish you all a great day!


Did You Know?

Bijender Singh of India holds the record for most pushups in an hour. He completed 3,877 pushups in an hour, thereby entering the Guinness World Record.

The astonishing thing is that the record was created in 1988 and stands to this day!

So, anyone plans to challenge the record? 😊



Image Courtesy: Peter-Lomas @Pixabay


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