Fitness: 1st June 2021 + A Did You Know Health Question

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Good Morning

Having started my daily health initiatives back again, I am glad that I did it. Just one day of meditation, and I am still feeling good. In fact, it is during the low times that we can make out the difference that prayer, meditation, and exercise can make in our lives. That’s a good learning for me.

Today, I got up early as usual and got to meditation and some energy cleansing exercises. I did not go for physical exercises but chose the energy ones. These are quite potent ones and affect our physical self too. So, a good one to engage in.


Energy cleansing exercises or sessions take many forms. Each has its own unique way of doing it and the resultant benefit to the body and mind. The biggest benefit of the energy techniques is their effect on the mind and, therefore, the body. That is what makes me lean towards energy exercises more often.

Today, I was cleansing the non-healthy useless thoughts. For this, I used the ho oponopono technique coupled with the Emotive Freedom Technique. The idea is to look at our disempowering thoughts and state them in the ho oponopono framework.

As an example, if one of your disempowering thoughts is "I am lazy", then you frame and speak them out in the ho-oponopono way. Here it is:

I am sorry that I am lazy.
Please forgive me that I am lazy.
Thank you.
I love you.

There is no order in which you have to state the four statements. If you notice – the sorry and forgiveness are for your negative statement, and the thank you and I love you are more of a closure statements. You say it to no one in particular. It could be a statement made to you or God or someone else. The effects are awesome. And - IT WORKS! 😊

Anyway, that was my update for today. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Have fun, and I will meet you tomorrow.




Did You Know?

Mario Silvestri of Italy holds the Guinness World Record for most burpees in a minute. He did 47 burpees in 60 seconds.

That’s almost 3 burpees every 4 seconds. Phew!

How do you fancy doing 47 burpees a minute? Or how many can you do in a minute? Let me know in the comments.

Well, that’s the record anyways. 😊



Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay


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