Fitness: 28th July 2020 + A Did You Know Question

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Good Morning

I had a great start to the day and got a lot of things done but my exercise. I have to admit that I had to stop myself from getting with the flow and start doing what is necessary too. Like, I was busy for the last few days to the extent that I was hardly on with my regular exercise. That, until my daughter intervened.

See the advantage of a good partner. Okay, I have to take some credit because I wanted to get on with things too. So, it all worked out well!! 😊

So, what did we do today? Let’s find out.


I was busy in the morning, so I had to pair up with my daughter in the evening. We did the longer version of our evening exercise, and here it is:

  1. Warmup: About a couple of minutes
  2. Suicide-drill: 2 Sets
  3. Shuttle-run: 1 set with 4 reps
  4. Jumping-jacks
  5. Wall-sits
  6. Pushups
  7. Crunches
  8. Step-ups
  9. Squats
  10. Tricep Dip
  11. Planks
  12. High Knees
  13. Lunges
  14. Pushups and Rotation
  15. Side Planks – each side

Each exercise was thirty-second long with a ten-second break. I don’t think we used the ten-second break at all. So, it was a high-intensity, high-speed exercise. Of course, all fun too!

So, that’s it from me for today. I will meet you all tomorrow.

Also, I wish you all a great day!


Did You Know?

Bijender Singh of India holds the record for most pushups in an hour. He completed 3,877 pushups in an hour, thereby entering the Guinness World Record.

The astonishing thing is that the record was created in 1988 and stands to this day!

So, anyone plans to challenge the record? 😊



Image Courtesy: Peter-Lomas @Pixabay


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