Arsenal win against Newcastle by 4 goals to nill

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Yesterday was a fantastic moment for Arsenal's side when the face Newcastle United at the Emirates stadium in the English premier league and it is really a great day for the gunners after the mid term break because the players show a great movement and utilizes there chances against there opponents but one of the arsenal winger Nicolas pepe show the raw reasons why he was purchase at that price because his game has really improved under the new manager.

Nicolas Pepe was at the heart of things in the Newcastle win because he show a great fights to put the arsenal forward and the midfielder Mesut ozil was at it best to create show many chances for the team and secure a 4 goals to nill and the boss Mikel Arteta hopes Pepe will start delivering consistently after this display last night in the premier league.

Mikel Arteta credits Nicolas for defensive contribution to the team yesterday and Mikel Arteta was asked at the post-Newcastle presser if we are starting to see the real Pepe and he said he would but we just need consistency from him so that we can build our games up to achieve a great results because before the win against Newcastle, the have draw so many games and for us to win 4 goals against the likes of Newcastle was really a great achievement for the team.


The first goal was produce by the Arsenal's captain Aubameyang which was assist by Pepe and put the arsenal forward and the 2nd was produce by pepe and assisted by Bukayo Saka after display a nutmeg from two Newcastle players before cross the ball to pepe to secure a goal and 3rd was from Mesut ozil after 35 touches from all the eleven players before secure the 3rd goals and the final goals was produce by lacazette after he was sub in the 2nd half of the game.

Bukayo Saka display a good sign of the talented game because he was all over the field and secure a good chances for the team, he produce a clear nutmeg in the corner side in between the two Newcastle players and which was perfect before cross the ball to Nicolas Pepe and secure a clean goals, however if he continues likes that and improved more on his games he will be one of the great player in the English premier league.

Man of the match

Finally, we should understand that wide talented players in this league is not easy to get and consistence can be the only key to achieve results because obviously the most difficult thing to do is create things, but we have said some things and we need the likes of ozill, Nicolas Pepe, Aubameyang, lacazette to maintain game by game and produces a better results for the team and make the fans happy by give them a better results at the end of every games. Let us trust the process and believe in the new era under the new coach Mikel Arteta.

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