Emery can not continue changing the system and be expecting a better results from the team

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Arsenal manager Unai Emery need to find a way to stick to a proper formation for the team because you can not be always use the formation that is not suits the players and continue to expect a better results from them and get to know how they are really ready to face any kind of challenges on the field of play.

You can not keep continue changing systems of the team and how teams have being amazing, at the moment it is 4-2-3-1, then he changed it to 4-3-3 and then it’s three at the back, nobody really knows how it works and not only that but for a team not having a first eleven for the team I think it's so pathetic and embarrassed.


What he really need to do if he wants to continue has the club coach he needs find the right formula for the team and then working with the players so they understand how he wants them to play without any form of problems, and then it is down to them when they cross the white line and after that if any players did not perform to the expectation then every team mate and fans will understand.

Finally, That is why you can not compare the likes of Arsene Wenger to Emery because when Wenger was there he really did so well when it come to the selection of team. He will trained you, everyone knew their jobs and then he will then leave you alone and say, ‘on match day it’s down to you’.

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