NCAA Rescinds "Rich Paul" Rule...Well That Was Fast LOL

in sportstalk •  10 months ago 

Just a few days ago I made a post about the National Collegiate Athletics Association implementing a rule that required for students athletes to hire an agent with at least a bachelor's degree if they wanted to maintain their college eligibility throughout the pre-draft process. This was quickly coined the "Rich Paul" rule because of the Klutch Sports Group founder's impact on the NBA landscape. See more in my previous post here.


The NCAA faced immediate, ongoing criticism for the decision throughout the whole week and as of today have rescinded the requirement for player's agents to have a bachelor degree from the book. The rule was called everything from bias to racist and was just a bad look for the NCAA in general. Looks like this whole fiasco will just end up being some good promo for Klutch Sports Group.
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Actually I think the media has
a lot to do with all the talking.
It was put up to slow down the fraud
that was happened before.
Even though the rule was not going to fix the situation,
most people without the truth
took it out of context pretty quick
to justify their means.
Anyway glad they rescind it to give opportunity
to everyone capable of doing the job.

I agree. The media was definitely the catalyst in the situation.