Are football fans morons?


There is a very big question we need to ask ourselves and try to digest it on our own, because week in week out, we keep on spending part of our earnings on our favourite club in one way or the other, either in terms of going to viewers centers to show our loyalty or going to a bar to enjoy it with some cool beer and at the end of the day, we don't have anything coming back to our pocket as profit and most at times, we end up losing our appetite when they are been thrashed by their opponent.

Aside from that, many at times we always rush through whatever we are doing so that we will not miss the action despite the fact that the game time is not convenient for us, yet we are not earning from these clubs and the question is this; are football fans morons or idiots for supporting their favourite clubs thinking about the stress they always went through without nothing in return.

Well some may say yes to it while some may say no just like me, because i don't really see it as a stupidity for supporting any club of your choice no matter the stress you went through. To me football is life and we have to live it and since no one is imposing it on anybody to go miles before having the chance to watch his favourite team, it is just like when we are traveling miles to see our lovers, we don't always mind the stress of getting through. Even when will have all the necessary requirement to stream their game, we still love to go out to where group of people are watching it because we can't just avoid to miss out the fun, fact and most of the times the argument.

Many of us can't even imagine what we will be using our weekend doing if our club is not playing considering the boredom at home. Football fans to me are not morons but the rate at which we give our invincible support which is only visible to us requires some level of wisdom. I can still recall during my secondary school days, then i was in junior class 2 and on that favourite day, Nigeria team is having a match with Morocco by 2pm. The school will close by 2pm and there will be school lesson which is compulsory for every students from that 2pm till 4pm. This is the period the match will be play and since it is a knockout game, we don't want to miss it and considering the fact that the school is a only boys school, every discussion in class that day was centered on the match.

Now to cut the story short, many of us skipped the lesson that day to watch the game which Nigeria eventually lost and we all dance to the tune of punishment the next day on the assembly ground because the school took attendance of those students who didn't go to watch the game. What i am try to figure out here is that we are not morons for skipping lesson for our country match when we look at it from the patriotism side of it, it is the love we have for our country that propel that action but as a secondary school boys then, we did not apply some wisdom to it.

One major thing to note about football is the fact that it enhances social interaction and this is the reason why many people can not just sit at the comfort of their home to watch their clubs and like i said earlier, this is the avenue to hear some funny and at times crazy argument about your club. I think i will have to submit here but before dropping the pen, let me quickly make a recap that football fans are not morons but we need to apply some wisdom when showing our loyalty to our respective clubs.

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