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RE: Introducing SportsTalk.Social and SPORTS

in #sportstalklast year

Thanks for giving this a run! I also just sent you 10 SPORTS to vote with until you get your first post payout in 7 days.


Sweet, best of luck with the project, off to steem engine to see if I can get in early for some more tokens.

Edit, just had a look, no tokens for sale yet. Are you planning to put a sell in @patrickulrich to stimulate the market and raise some funds?

I am but I'm thinking it's best to wait for a few weeks to let the community's value to show through after the first payouts. I don't want to manipulate the price much and would rather let the community determine it's value.

That is probably wise, see how it plays out first. I dropped a cheeky sell order in to amuse myself really.

Best of luck, I'll get to curating posts that appear.

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Thank you for the sell order! :) I made use of it and purchased 0.001 SPORTS from you to play with the market some.