Belgian football season is over!

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No surprise

Covid-19, corona virus, ncov-Sars 2, whatever people have decide to name it, has had desastrous consequences all over the world. A million people have officially become sick, and more than 50000 people officially died from the disease already. But, it also has consequences when it comes to sports.

Wimbledon is now cancelled, no legendary tennis at the All England Club this July. No European Football Championships or Olympic games this year. And now also domestic leagues of football have to make radical decisions. Today the Belgian Football Association decided that the last game of the regular season will not be played, and the play-offs are cancelled. The current league standings are definite. So Club Brugge is the new champion of Belgium. Only two games can possibly be played, when a consensus can be found about them. That is the cup final between Club Brugge and Antwerp and the promotional final second leg between Beerschot and OH Leuven, to decide which club promotes to the first league. Both games, most probably without an audience.

Club Brugge are the new champions of Belgium


It is a radical decision, but the most wise one. Clubs can not train, as it is still prohibited. Some contracts expire on June 30th, so games after that date are not possible. And who is waiting for another bunch of games in total silence because of the lack of an audience. That is not the point of football. Football at a professional level is entertainment, and has no point without public.

A brave but wise decision by the Belgian FA!



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I doubt it matters. The players get paid and won't be in financial problem, there is finally something else to watch on tv. 🙂