Bundesliga clubs want to play the remaining games in May, without spectators!

in sportstalk •  2 months ago 


It is the German name for games without spectators. And the clubs are all agreeing to get this plan through. 9 more games are there for all clubs, that is a total of 81 games in the first Bundesliga alone. It is complete insanity, what is sport without fans? Nothing, if you ask me. It is pointless and spiritless, but according to the chairman it is pivotal for the financial survival of the clubs. That means that the TV-rights money is more important than the spirit of the game. Professional football has finally proven that is completely lacking any sense for moral and human values.
How else can you explain that 22 players will be kicking a ball in front of empty stands because it is to dangerous for the fans to be in the stands. As long as that is the case, you shouldn’t be playing at all, in my opinion.
And then there is the TV broadcasting, they are even worse, they pay millions for spiritless, quiet games? That is worse than immoral, it is plain ridiculous and will tempt all credibility of the once so beautiful game...




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I disagree. In my opinion the only way to finish this season that is fair for all teams is to play all games even if without live spectators

I agree about the fairness, but football without spectators is just sad