Football season permanently suspended, preparing for next season... in September!

in sportstalk •  2 months ago 

Season is over

Friday came the decision of the Belgian Football Association to permanently suspend all amateur football leagues in Belgium for this season. The current standings are decisive for the promotions and relegations. In some leagues that means that the remaining 9 games will not be played.
It is understandably a tough decision by the association, but desperate times require desperate measures.

Preparation for next season

Due to this decision, there is not very much I can do now for this season. We luckily won’t relegate, after a very good run in the last 6 games we mounted 4 spots in the league, so we are safe. All there is now, is preparation for next season, that starts in ... September! 🤷‍♂️


Oh well, I can’t say in September that I didn’t have time to prepare for next season. So I am laying a solid base with loads of long low heart rate zone runs... In the meanwhile time passes by!

Stay safe and healthy!



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it seems the most logical thing to do is to do that however football here in england is still at this moment in time suspended

Just the amateur leagues, the pro leagues are not sure yet what will happen

Nice run! You can't say you don't have enough time to prepare for the next season ;)

Stay safe and healthy too!