The Siamese twin stadium that (luckily) never got built!

in sportstalk •  2 months ago 

what the fuck

This news never reached me in 2010, but there were plans about 10 years ago to move both Liverpool FC and Everton to a new spot in the city. The plan was completely crazy. Two identical stadiums would be built for both 60000 fans. And they would share one building for the main stand. Yep, what the fuck, that was my reaction too. The look from above is kind of like a Siamese twin. It is atrocious and leaves all football logic behind. No own identity for one of both clubs, and a complete wrong design. It would have even made more sense to build one stadium for both.

Presentation bood

It makes perfect sense that the design wasn’t applauded when revealed. To the contrary, it was sabled down to the ground by both Everton and Liverpool fans. And it died a quiet death, luckily!




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