Premier League Winner: Updated Odds

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Another set of fixtures passes us by and it's time to check how the bookies have it all lined up.

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Previous Odds: 1.05
New Odds: 1.02
Implied Probability: 98.5%

As Manchester City and Leicester dropped points to team they were expected to beat, Liverpool's charge continued with a win over Manchester United at home. That's led to a 16 point gap for the Reds with a game in hand, too. At this point, the probability of them winning the league is at a whopping 98.5%.

Manchester City

Previous Odds: 48.0
New Odds: 71.0
Implied Probability: 1.4%

Manchester City once again dropped points in a game they were expected to win. This has seen their odds slashed to just 1.4% chance of winning the Premier League.