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Here we go again.

The race for a Champions League spot next season is continuing to run. Odds are all over the place at the moment but things are certainly getting interesting with shock results coming in regularly.

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Previous Odds: 1.12
New Odds: 1.20
Implied Probability: 83.3%

A surprise loss for Leicester has seen their odds drift slightly but they're in a really strong position and should get the job done.


Previous Odds: 1.59
New Odds: 1.38
Implied Probability: 72.5%

Chelsea take another step towards a top 4 finish with 3 more points on the board. It's not over yet but they're certainly favourites for that 4th spot at the moment.

Manchester United

Previous Odds: 4.60
New Odds: 4.50
Implied Probability: 22.2%

Manchester United make a positive move towards their goal but a routine win over Norwich isn't enough to move the odds too much yet.


Previous Odds: 5.30
New Odds: 6.60
Implied Probability: 15.2%

A loss to Liverpool has seen Tottenham's odds drift yet again and they now have a lot to do if they're going to make the grade. An upswing in form is required quickly.


Previous Odds: 13.0
New Odds: 18.0
Implied Probability: 5.6%

Another poor result in the form of a draw to Crystal Palace and a red card to Aubameyang sees Arsenal looking unlikely to finish in the top 4. It's not impossible but they'll need to go on an unbelievable run from here.


Previous Odds: 20.0
New Odds: 23.0
Implied Probability: 4.3%

Wolves' dream is all but over.

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