Apex Legends: Thoughts on Leaked Character Buffs

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We're well into season 4 of Apex Legends now and, despite some of the obvious issues with the game, it seems to be as strong as ever.

It's always exciting to get news about what's coming to the game in the future and we've recently been given a healthy dose of this via some buff leaks.

What makes this different to most leaks is that we're not looking at specific character buffs. Instead, these leaks refer to class buffs with new features being added that will change the game dramatically.

I'm not sure when these changes will be made but I'd take a guess at them being implemented at the start of season 5.

So, let's see what we've got to look forward to.


Offensive Characters

First up, we have changes to Apex's offensive characters. That's Bangalore, Wraith, Octane, Mirage, and Revenant.

Recently, the backpack was altered to prevent grenade stacks. It was a pretty significant change because it makes you have to really consider whether you can afford to carry that extra grenade or if you'd be better off grabbing some more ammo.

The new offensive buff will see all offensive characters given two special inventory slots for grenades. That will certainly make a difference in squad fights if you've got a player or two with more throwables than the enemy team.

Defensive Characters

Next on the list are the defensive characters. That's Gibralta, Wattson, and Caustic.

Their buff is interesting to say the least. They'll be granted the ability to restore shields to revived squadmates. In that sense, it's kind of like giving them a gold backpack at all times.

What this change will do, however, is lead to teams making sure they've got a defensive character in their squad because you'll be at a big disadvantage to other teams if you don't.

Recon Characters

Bloodhount and Crpyto will now be able to make use of the survey beacons that were previously reserved for just Pathfinder.

I have a feeling that this will mean they're used much more but it does make me wonder whether Pathfinder will be given an extra buff to his passive to make up for no changes here.

Support Characters

At the moment, the only support character in Apex is Lifeline. However, she'll also be given a buff, along with any future support characters, that allows them to find extra supplies inside blue supply bins that aren't currently in the game.

It seems this passive will allow support characters to stock up on rare loot quickly if they can locate one of these blue supply bins. Not a bad passive to have, especially in the early stages of the game when support characters are perhaps at a disadvantage in team fights.


I'm over the moon with these buff leaks. I love the fact that they relate to overall gameplay rather than individual damage stats and so on.

If they're balanced well, it will likely lead to a greater spread of character use as teams look to make the most of all kinds of classes. It also makes me think that we're likely to see a couple of support characters added to the game soon to even the playing field a bit.


interesting updates, I only played a little