Premier League Perspective: Liverpool's Great Season

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I found myself feeling angry as I scrolled through my Twitter feed today.

Among the usual trolling and baiting was a narrative that left me feeling bitter. Of course, it related to Liverpool FC. Football stuff is pretty much the only reason I have a Twitter account.

But today was different because there was a serious discussion going on. The discussion was about the idea that winning the Premier League this season wouldn't be enough for it to be considered great for Liverpool.

What utter nonsense.

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Liverpool last won the league 30 years ago. Since then, we've had some small periods of success but have mainly had to live off scraps as we watched the likes of Manchester United win the league repeatedly with some cameos from Arsenal and Chelsea along the way.

Last season saw us come really close to winning it yet again. But not quite. Not quite. And that's been the story of my life supporting Liverpool because I was 2 years old the last time we won the league.

I have no recollection of it.

I've enjoyed many great experiences supporting Liverpool over the years but there's always been a nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me that the only one I really want is the league title.

To then see pundits like Jamie Carragher claim that a league title alone isn't enough for Liverpool this season sent me into an internal rage. The audacity of a man who couldn't deliver the league telling this new group of players that they haven't done well enough.

Let's not forget that they almost won it last year, delivered a European Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and Club World Cup.

Excuse me if I don't buy into the narrative that a Premier League title won't be good enough if we don't win the fucking League Cup or FA Cup.

It's ridiculous.

But what hurt the most was seeing van Dijk have to come out and say something about the negativity. This should be a time to enjoy the club and look forward to the victory parade.

So, this is a polite request for any Liverpool supporters buying into this stupid idea to get on board with this great season or go away and leave the rest of us to enjoy it.