Why the LiVARpool Tainted Title Narrative Makes My Day

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As I logged on to one of my favourite Liverpool FC forums earlier today, I couldn't help but take a quick look at the thread about Manchester United fans losing their minds.

It's a long-term thread that's usually updated after Manchester United lose or Liverpool win and people come along to post some of the best things they've seen United supporters say.

An interesting quote from today's update showed a United supporter state that Liverpool's achievements this year will be tainted because they fielded an Under 23 team in the FA Cup which was akin to cheating.

Yes, you read that right. Fielding a majorly weakened side and yet still defeating the opposition is cheating in this guy's mind.

He's like a new signing!.jpg

In truth, we all say silly things as football fans. Some of it can be classed as 'banter'. Other bits are biased opinions and we can be forgiven for those. But I do find it hilarious how so many supporters are completely rattled by Liverpool at the moment. Let's just run through some of the highlights over the last few seasons.

One of the very first things I read when Jurgen Klopp took over as manager was that he'd now left Dortmund to come and compete with West Ham to see who's the better mid-table team. Okay, we weren't doing well at the time, but for someone to genuinely hold this opinion about a manager that had already transformed Dortmund into a major European powerhouse is laughable.

The next one was that Klopp was nothing more than a German cheerleader. Hilarious considering the amount of love he received for his pitchside antics at Dortmund. Unacceptable at Liverpool. This was further exacerbated by a raft of football supporters mocking Liverpool for celebrating a draw against West Brom.

Of course, anyone with a brain could see what was actually going on. Klopp had been disappointed that some Liverpool supporters had left the game early in recent weeks, stating that he felt alone in that moment. When the supporters stayed and Liverpool earned a draw from behind, Klopp and the players were simply acknowledging the fans for playing their part. This was the start of a bond between players and staff that has seen us go on to do so well.

Let's get to the trophies. The first thing we never stopped hearing about was that Klopp hadn't won a trophy at Liverpool. Until that stopped because we won the Champions League. The next thing we never stopped hearing about was that we'd only won one trophy. Until that stopped because we won the UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup. But no. Now it's that those two trophies seemingly don't count.

Looking back to last season, we had the whole 'Liverpool bottled the league' narrative. We were apparently 10 points clear. Except we weren't because Manchester City had a game in hand. In reality we were 7 points clear, lost to City making us just 4 points clear, and then they went on to close that gap. 97 points is now bottling the league.

The next step was to harp on about the fact that Liverpool wouldn't be able to do this for another season. VAR was coming and that would be the end of it. Until VAR arrived and Liverpool kept winning. Now it was that VAR was brought in to help Liverpool win the league, despite all of the stats suggesting otherwise.

Then it was that Liverpool would bottle this league too. Except we kept winning and are now 22 points ahead. This led to the next narrative of the league being poor this season, despite the fact that there is a great race for top 4. Everton fans, in particular, used this line until they started winning again and suddenly Ancelotti is a master of the game and the league isn't as poor as once assumed.

Recently, it's been said that Liverpool won't be considered a great team unless they go on to win the Premier League again next season. Of course, this will never end. There will always be something the rival supporters have to hold on to.

And while this may look like a rant, it's just a documentation of how everyone else is sounding to Liverpool supporters. But the greatest thing of all is that these little jibes make my day. I absolutely love the fact that everyone is so twisted that we're doing well again.

We assumed the Unbearables tag with pride. Keep throwing around your tainted title hashtags and LiVARpool jokes. We love every second of it.

Thanks for always keeping us on your mind. Your dream is our reality.