Aroldis Chapman Renounces his Spectacular Millionaire Contract and Proves Free Agency.



The team of New York Yankees, is one of the most acclaimed in professional baseball. And being part of it, is one of the best achievements that a player can have. However, Aroldis Chapman, a 31-year-old Cuban player who works as a closer, decides to try free agency in the 2019-2020 period and decides not to conclude his juicy millionaire contract.

The established time lapse of his contract is 5 years, but he does not intend to complete the remaining two years for its completion, losing 30 million dollars + 86 million more than he signed during 2016 (in the month of December). In turn, it indicates that it must continue accumulating good numbers / effectiveness to be included in the salo of fame, one of the golden dreams of every player.

Relevant Player Information:

  • Selected for the 6th time to participate in the Game of the Stars.

  • Mark of 2-2. (2 won- 2 losses).

  • Effectiveness of 2.45.

  • 25 Rescue.

  • 851 strikeouts in 515 1/3.