Arsenall vs Burnleyy 2−1 football match stats

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Arsenall vs Burnleyy 2−1 This match was quite amazing, inside Rajesh, Arsenall played a very aggressive game. Here in the very early minutes it seemed that the first goal would be scored very soon and it was Pierre's first goal over 12 minutes. -Americk Aubameyang got Arsenall with a very good effort and he also celebrated it very well, you can see it

Ashley Barnes managed to score a second goal for his team and the teamwork was so strong and clever that the team in front did not get a chance to manage themselves and in a few moments You managed to score goals by defeating all the players and it was a great view, you can also see that Jack is capable of this player who has scored goals for his team. Managed and it speaks came when the first half was about to end when the call came because the team will this benefit that second house within will play a positive manner

Ceballos manages to score the third goal for his team and cleverly shoots such that the goalkeeper does not even get a chance to understand and easily get the goal and that goal comes in 64 minutes and that makes him Burnley manages to take the lead and gets into a good position with this, after that his only job is to take time out and when the 90 minutes are over, become the winner of the match S is managed Arsenall to leave the field and it is easy to take from the match victory and easily match them when I come