Great Start

I was surprised when Arsenal won over Manchester United 2-0. New manager, Arteta did his job very well. And Arsenal won over Leeds United as well. What a great start!


I am happy that Arteta could manage well his former club. We know that Arsenal the first club managed bu Arteta, and Arsenal is big team. I was thinking it’s a gambling by Arteta to accept The Gunners.

But now we could see that Arteta is a quality manager. I remember that Pep Guardiola ever said that Arteta could manage Manchester City if he leaves Etihad Stadium. It means Guardiola knew Arteta skill of coaching.

Hopefully Arsenal could win more games and Arteta could stay as long as possible with Arsenal.


There is a psychological aspect of success when one suddenly feels he's able to do a thing when there was a change in the system, especially, when there was a widely held view of the previous being the the cause of failure.

I wish Arsenal the best in their football career and wish they sustain their wins.

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Yeah, but we have also to consider the tactics applied by new manager. To some extent we may give respect to Arteta too :)

I really see a bright future ahead of arsenal now if only they can keep arteta. He is tecnically good. He will surely help aresenal to rise

Arsenal is gradually growing and coming up. If theu can continue this present form, no doubt, they will be in top 4

In my opinion I think that Arsenal will win by default, they have a new manager and I don't think Arteta is yet to be tested, he's an amateur Coach and only time will tell this.

Everyone started their career with amateur level. And I do agree, only time will tell us if he is good coach :)

Dang, is that two in a row that they have lost now?

awal yang bagus bagi Arsenal karna sudah mengalahkan mu 🎉