Manchester Derby: Carabao Cup Semifinal Leg 1, 2020

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Hi everyone. Where do you stand? Pep Guardiola’s side or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side? This is a huge clash: Manchester Derby! Today, the first leg of Carabao Cup Semifinal would be hosted by Manchester United at Old Trafford.


In my opinion, Manchester City has bigger chance to win the game. They hammered Port Vale few days ago, so they have pretty positive mentality. Their young player, Phil Foden played very well in the match. And today, I think Guardiola will give him again minutes to play.

Sergio Aguero was playing outstandingly as well, but I guess he won’t play today, Guardiola will keep him for the next game since he is just coming back from injury. Gabriel Jesus is fit and ready to play.

However, Manchester United just played draw 0-0 against Wolves. They are not really happy with the result. And they were lost 0-2 as well by Arsenal last week. Hopefully, Manchester United’s players could manage their mentality stay positive. They have to work hard to win over Manchester City.


The two teams will really try to play their best. I am seeing a draw score among them

Derby of Manchester is always worth to watch! Draw is not an entertaining watch 😀

Big clash between two world deadly clash. I believe man u is going to win this one but who knows, football alwaty changes

Yeah, Man United have a good chance to win... they have quality players :)

Lol. The quality left the stadium about 10 years ago.

Manchester City has the upper chance but I won't rule out Manchester United because they've turned up in big games in a couple of weeks now however it depends on who wants it more because for me the title race is over for City

Yeah, I think City has that chance. But United won’t be shy in front of their supporters

Exactly, it promises to be a really great match however it turns out

Yeah, City won 3-1. Fantastic game 😀

I have a bet on City winning. Hopefully it works out for me :)

Hopefully. :)
I am sure Man City would win it..

Congratz @bozz.sports :)

Manchester United in my view will play like a wounded lion and win the game

Could be! Hopefully they could “eat” Man City 😁