Pep vs Mou : New Episode of Rivalry

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Two most successful managers will head to head again in the Premier League. They are Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. It’s going to happen after Mourinho was signed by Tottenham Hotspur recently. For me, Mourinho managing Spur is a surprise. A big surprise.

Source: Youtube of TalkSPORT

To be honest, both of them are my idol managers. I used to hope that one of them would manage Liverpool. But, Pep Guardiola move to Manchester City while Jose Mourinho managed Manchester United.

Unfortunately, Mourinho was unable to provide Manchester United with more trophies. Then they terminated their contract with Mourinho. Though I was very excited when Manchester City against Manchester United because I could enjoy the styles of football art from two great managers of the world.

After being terminated by Manchester United, Mourinho did not train any club until Spur signed him recently.

From now on, I could enjoy the matches of Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur. I am pretty curious about how Mourinho could take Spur rise again and win in subsequent matches.

I know that Mourinho needs a lot of money to buy a number of talented players. Is Tottenham Hotspur able to fulfill Mourinho's wishes? I have no idea because Spur is not as wealthy as City or United.

However, I will enjoy the rivalry of both managers in the Premier League. The presence of great managers like Pep, Mou, Klopp and Rodgers makes the Premier League a league that will be even more fun to watch.

Pep and Mou will start a new episode of rivalry in England. They had competed in Spain previously, where Pep managed Barcelona and Mourinho handled Real Madrid. But this time, is Mourinho still a Special One?

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This is a very good coach in leading their team in sports.
They really deserve a thumbs up.

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Pep Guardiola has strong tactics based on ball possession and schemes, a more rational football, Mourinho has tactics based on defense and counterattack, agonism and athletic. On this point of view Mourinho's philosophy is similar to the football played in England. Guardiola's possession tactics is powerful but it isn't the best. I remind a match between Milan and Barcelona, played in Milan about five or six years ago, the Milan coach was Allegri, the Barcelona tactics was defected by the Milan counterattack, it was a defect of tiki taka that in this years has been perfected. So who is the best? We will see in the next matches..

An interesting review and I also hope that from the competition of these famous specialists, the Premier League will show us amazing football!