Persiraja Signed An English Player

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Acehnese club, Persiraja just signed Adam Mitter, an English centre-back from Valour FC, of one Canadian League 1 club. Adam Mitter (27 years old) played 20 times for Valour. He used to play for Blackpool in Premier League few years ago.


I think Mitter could play well in Southeast Asia since he had ever played for Singapore and Philliphine's clubs in the past. And now he is coming back to the region, to join Persiraja in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

Hopefully, Adam Mitter could help Persiraja to win Indonesia League 1 this seoson. He has already signed one year contract with our club.

I can hardly wait to see his skill and action at Harapan Bangsa Stadium in Banda Aceh. Our stadium is one of the biggest in Indonesia with 4,000++ seats.


And hopefully he could easily adapt to our culture and humidity.

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I wish Adam Mitter a successful sporting career in Indonesia. I hope he can join us here on Steem too.

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We are trying to bring professional footballer here to sportstalk, but I am not sure, since they are not writers, they are unable to write 4 or 5 paragraphs. Referees will always come to their posts. Lol

But we need to look out for a way out. We really need these celebrities to join us here on Steem. Their joining will be an avenue to onboard their fans here too.

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Hopefully he will quickly adapt and use his ecperience to benefit the team

I also have this dream of becoming a professional footballer before i dropped it bdue to financial issues. Who knows maybe i also will have been playing for a professional club