Underestimated Salah

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Mohammed Salah has transformed to be one of the best players of the world. But you know? Upon his signing in 2017, a lot of negative comment about his ability. Liverpool fans were not sure that he could play well in Premier League since he used to play for Chelsea, but he just left Premier League to Roma as considered him not a good player.


That’s why many people were doubtful about his career with Liverpool with the cost over 30 million pounds though he was shining in Italy.

Salah was underestimated. But what happened later? He won golden boot in the first year with Liverpool. He helped Liverpool to win Champions League as well.

You know? Honestly, I was also unconvinced with Salah. Lol. But now I confess that he is a great player. I am pretty sure, Chelsea regretted to sell him to Roma. Chelsea under Mourinho was wrong to sell talented players like Salah and De Bruyne but now Mourinho to see them have been becoming great great players.

Yeah, I think we need to give a player a time to prove his skill and talent in the field. We should not underestimate someone, just give them an opportunity.


Such is life. There is an African Proverb that says that "we don't price the hen inside the bag" meaning that we don't attach a worth to a thing until it's used. I also think that to the speculations about him was enough motivation for him to proof a point.

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I will say i am among those who also doubted him but i guess he later prove me wrong. I see him winning more awards if he can continue like this

Yeah, so am I 😀

I believe salah is a talented player already and also the coach kloop also helps him to quickly rediscover himself. He have bright future ahead of him surely.