The Reds' Still On Fire!

I think none to stop Liverpool this season. We can see how they play, it is like total football. They are so strong, quick and showing great team work. I just watched the game against Tottenham Hotspur. They posssed the ball all the time.


I have no doubt Liverpool would lift Premier League trophy this season. Coach Klopp and his boys will make a history for The Reds.

A goal by Firmino is enough for The Reds to lead the table, to have 17 points gap now with Manchester City. I think City is better to focus on Champions League just let Liverpool win EPL.

They are on fire and still unbeaten to date. Who would beat them? I think none, unless Manchester City's able to play very well at Etihad Stadium to host Liverpool. Is it going to happen? It's still uncertain.

As a Liverpool fan, I just want to watch Liverpool unbeaten until the end of season and lift EPL trophy. What do you think?


It is entertaining to watch liverpool play this season. They look unstopable in the premier league

They way Liverpool are going we may a see another invincibles this season. Tottenham had there chance but didn't take it

Yes. They are invincibles. I do agree 😁

The reds are on fire presently and like i used to say, i seem them finishing tgis season unbeatable