The Reds vs The Red Devils

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Another big match this weekend, The Reds vs The Red Devil. The rivalry of both clubs since long time ago. Due to the history of the clubs, I can’t predict who will win the game.


It will be a tough game. Liverpool is on the fire, but Man United also has a big desire to beat Liverpool. When Man United hosted Liverpool few months ago, Man United almost won over the Reds, the final score was 1-1. That is the only draw game Liverpool had until now.

If you ask me, for sure I support Liverpool to win the game, moreover Liverpool would play at Anfield Stadium, their home base. Liverpool side is more chance to win.

Mane, Salah, and Firmino is the best three front, I think they will put Manchester United in nightmare at Anfield. I am sorry for Man United under Solskjaer. They are inconsistent, and I am worried Solskjaer will be sacked if getting lost by Liverpool this weekend.

Which side do you stand? Share your opinion in the comment. :)

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Liverpool has an advantage of winning the game based on the confidence reposed on themselves with their recent records. Manchester United would rather be engaging the game with some level of fear.

In any case, the better side wins.

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I get it. Nice point of view 😁

Hopeful for tough contest, I think which team played more attacking then will definitely won. I am in the favor of Liverpool due to their performance in last games as well Luck is also with them.

Yup. We need to watch entertaining game..😉 I am on Loverpool side

I will surely watch this match, it is going to be a cracker

There is no doubt that Liverpool have come at a better time and should therefore win the match.

Hopefully, The Reds win the game..

Manchester United started the year playing three games with 3 days off and also against two great teams, against Liverpool will have the opportunity to arrive rested, so they will have a better game, the match will be even, it can be a draw for my point of view

The match will really be a hot one for the both side. In terms of present form, i see liverpool wining this match ahead of man u