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Head chairman of PCB

CHair person of PCB is angry from the team performance so he decided to take test level of all coaches the problem is that there are some bats men who do fix match and earn a betting money. they do online betting
so these kind of morons are making team weaker , misbah told that new coach is not enough for cricket if we do not teach the basic of cricket,
The main purpose is to remove black money making habbit in sports team.
Misbah shared his plan for upcomming matches and He said our team will perform a lot better day by day i am training them hard so that they do their best , Misbah became a coach and teaching team like friends.
But some pak team members are not happy by misbah they feel jealous from him .
If there is no team unity no team can lead to world no 1 so they have to bear each others and take each others together and being a no 1 team beat and perform best.

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