The cycle of life continues...


Throughout the course of the NBA, many new moves have been innovated, and many have faded into oblivion. If we think about it, a few years back, taking multiple threes as a form of primary offense would have been an unthinkable strategy until the Warriors revolutionized this and started one of the most dominant eras of basketball we had ever seen. Taking a stepback into a three was equally insane until Harden made it popular. The fadeaway was seen as a "bad shot" until Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant popularized it.

So what makes this move (refer to video) any different? From a historical standpoint, one legged shots have actually been in the NBA for a while. Though not practiced, a three point floater does not sound that crazy considering the pace of change in the NBA today.

Perhaps this move is something worth working on since it appears to be practiced by one of the greatest offensive players and innovators in the game today, James Harden. (this means chances are it could actually be the future of basketball) So if you want a head start, start working on your one legged shots, and perhaps that little head start might help you become the next big thing.