Why Kobe is the most inspirational player to ever step in the NBA


Kobe Bryant - as you would know if you have been following me for a while, is my all time favorite NBA player. And the reason for that is simple. No one in the history of the NBA inspires me more than he does.

Like his trainer said, Kobe was not a particularly talented player. There was nothing about him that other NBA players could not emulate. But yet, he has achieved the status of being one of and possibly even the greatest of all time. There was no one with the mental strength he possesses, from playing on despite dislocating a finger, to his incredible discipline and work ethic he practiced on a day to day basis, Kobe showed us that anyone could achieve greatness if they were willing to go all the way. And that, in my opinion, is truly inspiring. Not because of the end results, but because of his process.