Dead Cells: Why Tactics is the Best Build

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Expanding on my review of Dead Cells from yesterday (, I figured I’d explain why I think Tactics builds are the best builds. Of course, your opinion may differ, but you’re wrong. Tactics builds are the most superior builds in the game. Here’s just a few reasons why:

  1. Range: Any purple weapon or tool utilizes ranged attacks or projectiles to deal damage to your enemies. In a game like Dead Cells where taking on even just a single enemy in close combat can be lethal, having the benefit of range at your disposal is a must for continued survival. As you level up your Tactics stat, all your purple items will gain more damage and efficiency as well!

  2. Bows: The bows in Dead Cells are varied, but they’re all great. The Marksman’s Bow is one of my favorites. If you’re past a certain distance from an enemy, every shot you hit it with will do critical damage, and up until the very late part of a run will be an instakill. I also like the Bow and Endless Quiver because it has unlimited arrows, and the third shot counts as a crit. There’s also bows that freeze enemies, bows with exploding ammo, and bows that shoot multiple arrows at once. So much utility and variety.

  3. Traps: There are various traps that you can use that scale their damage as your Tactics stat increases. Some of these are automated turrets, which will shoot constant volleys of arrows or razors at enemies from a distance. Getting two of these traps will almost assure you to beat the game without even using your bows. These are great at decimating bosses while you can focus on dodging their incoming attacks. Also, you can throw the traps down holes to clear out deluges of enemies without getting in harm’s way.

  4. Upgrades (Mutations): There’s a few Tactics mutations that are useful, like the one that ups your damage per second (DPS) if you’re near a deployed trap. Bonus DPS isn’t bad, especially for taking down bosses!

These are just a few of the reasons why Tactics builds are so powerful. As you can see, Tactics is clearly the strongest build in Dead Cells. What is your favorite build and why is it Tactics?



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Much obliged, matey! Glad ye are enjoying me reviews. More to come, I have a lot more to say about Dead Cells. It's such a great game, it's hard to run out of things to talk about.