Gods Unchained: More Reasons It's Awesome

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Welcome to part 2 of my coverage of Gods Unchained (the best in blockchain gaming). For those just checking it out, I’d like to point you to part 1 of my series (https://steemit.com/sportstalksocial/@reverendrum/gods-unchained-the-best-game-on-blockchain). As a recap, Gods Unchained (“GU”) is a digital collectible trading card game run on the Ethereum blockchain. What really sets GU apart from other digital TCGs like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering Arena is it leverages the blockchain tech for you to own your cards! Very cool. Also being a digital card game offers convenience and a healthier metagame.



So what other reasons do I like Gods Unchained?

Good question, my fellow Steemian / SportstalkSocialite. Let me elucidate with...another fancy numbered list! Wow! Hold onto your butt.

  1. There’s no cheating in Gods Unchained. As a longtime Magic the Gathering player, I’ve seen all types of attempts to cheat or gain slight advantages against other players. Deck stacking, loaded dice, and even having their buddies stand behind other players to see their hands is just a few of the ways I’ve seen people ruin card games. Because the rules, the shuffler, and the random dice rolls are all handled by the Gods Unchained system, this eliminates all possibilities for cheating. This makes for less suspicions when you’re outplayed, and provides an overall more positive gaming experience.

  2. The Gods Unchained team is very smart, responsive, and experienced. They come from various backgrounds in game development (both video games and other card games), so you know they know what they’re doing in developing a new game (especially one as revolutionary as this). They’re incredibly responsive and even have a blog where they regularly post about what’s going on with their team’s work and the progress and changes in the game. This is very reassuring, as I’ve seen many games and projects lose the confidence of their users due to lack of communication.

  3. The mana system progresses slower than you see in Hearthstone or MTG (if you’re hitting all your land drops on time). Now this is something that will need an entire article to itself to talk about, and luckily the GU team explained this in a blog post (Read it here: https://blog.godsunchained.com/2019/02/11/our-mana-system/). See what I mean in point #2? Very good team. This system keeps the game flowing at a good speed.

  4. Your cards have provable rarity. In other card games, you typically can’t accurately determine just how rare a card actually is. I own some very rare MTG cards, but I can really only guess at the exact rarity of those cards. If a company measures just how many of a card they produced, you could track this, but that’s not particularly feasible or reasonable. Because GU utilizes the wonders of blockchain, it’s much easier to track card rarity. Also this means that there is no counterfitting of cards, which is a scourge of any game and the secondary market.

  5. Gods Unchained has some big investors, which gives me confidence in the future of the game. Seeing names like Coinbase, Continue Capital, and Sora Ventures attached to a game reassures me that the game will be taken seriously by the creators and has a long future ahead of it.


So there’s a few more reasons why I like Gods Unchained. As always, you can hit me up if you want to throw down sometime. I’m always up for a challenge!

(Find out how to get started at https://godsunchained.com/)


This game sounds interesting. I used to play Magic the Gathering a lot, when I was younger. I should try this out when I have the time.

Thanks for sharing.

Awesome. The games are somewhat different but if you know how to play MTG you should feel right at home.