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RE: Introducing SportsTalk.Social and SPORTS

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Interesting concept.
Never really understood why Scorum made it own chain.
Some questions.
Does Sports power up allow the same "interest" as Steem power?
How do you plan to pay bills? I like to use a service that sustainable. Ads or a % tokens to the dev team could work to fund development.
Any plans for "miners"? :P

I'll tag some people who post sports realted content more:


I couldn't understand their decision either other than the benefit of printing your own money on a very good looking site. I actually held out hope they would move over to SE before going after this project but when I seen nothing was happening there I decided to go in on this.

It doesn't have the same 2% SP (just realized how SP could mean multiple things to me) interest nor does it have any miners. It's only being distributed through SCOTBOT by users participating in the #sportstalk tag.

I did premine 100B tokens so that's my way of supporting the network for now. Presumably if there's indeed value to this Tribe then those coins should have enough value to sell for ENG to power the community. To start I'm paying out post/curation rewards from the pre-mine but at a certain user level I plan the first SPORTS fork to enable inflation rewards to be paid instead of the pre-mine. Nitrous also allows users to promote posts with SPORTS tokens. Those are currently paid to @sportspromo where they will be sold for ENG to support new user growth too.

There's lots of ideas I have for future developments but for now I'm still in "does anyone care" phase. If this ends up being a growing community we'll definitely dive in deep here in the future.

Thank you for tagging people too! I'll go ahead and send them 10 SPORTS too so they will be ready to participate if they decide to give it a go.

What are your next steps now that you have that premined buffer? How will you be advertising this great project?

The premine will primarily be focused on providing enough ENG to support the network as we grow. Fortunately this isn't an immediate need so we currently have the luxury of giving some time to let the market find a value for the tokens based on the current distribution model. That being said the premine will be split into a few categories that will be discussed further in some future announcements.

There's a number of avenues that have been looked at for advertising. It's all very new so I'm very open to exploring anything you feel might be interesting and has the value return. I just don't want to get any hopes up that we'll be able to do all things but are certainly open to great ideas!